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Demonstration in Seoul Brutally Attacked by South Korean Police

On Saturday November 14th, a massive demonstration with over 60,000 people gathered in Seoul to protest against the south Korean puppet regime and president Park Geun Hye‘s labour reforms. The Korean Confederation of Trade Union, a trade union with a diverse membership spanning trucking, construction, autoworkers and public teachers, organized the rally as the crowd converged in central Seoul and tried to march toward the presidential Blue House. The anti-worker and anti-people policies of Park regime have sparked nationwide protests after the decision to give a government-selected panel the right to select and rewrite the high school history textbooks in order for them to better fit with the south Korea’s bloody past, and now recently Park’s plans to reduce workers’ rights and give employers greater leeway in dismissing workers. Yesterdays rally demanded the conservative Park to step down.

Han Sang Gyun, the president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Union, who has a warrant for his arrest for organizing previous illegal rallies, called for more protests and a general strike, unless the government withdraws its labor market plan. “The government must immediately cease worsening labor conditions,” Han told the crowd, before scurrying away to avoid being caught by the police.

South Korean police used water cannons and tear gas against protesters.

Water cannons and teargas was used by the police against the protesters. That South Korea is using massive force against those who stands up for their rights is nothing new and that they are doing everything they can to suppress the workers’ struggle and hunt trade unionists and other progressive activists is all in line with the south Korean fascist puppet regime.