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What’s the Fuss with the H-bomb?

When the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) successfully tested the hydrogen bomb, it was met with an emergency meeting with the United Nations and talks about more sanctions were discussed. When the DPRK is conducting activities to further improve its self-defence capacity it’s always met with more sanctions. The sanctions are claimed to just target officials of the DPRK and to stop the DPRK from further improving its self-defence capacity, but in reality it is used by the US to attack the socialist system of the DPRK – the sanctions is affecting the people of the DPRK directly, as you can see that the universal healthcare services provided for free to everyone living in the DPRK, for example. Up until today’s date, there are nine countries that have carried out hydrogen bomb tests, but no other country had been opposed with sanctions.

When Israel as the first country in the world tested their own hydrogen bomb in the 1970s, Israel were not opposed with sanctions, even though they were involved in the Yom Kippur War, which was over previously occupied territories by Israel, and at the same time they participated in the war in Lebanon. When looking at South Korea, and their announcement in August 2004, that they were conducting their own nuclear research program, they were never opposed with sanctions nor any other consequences, but when the DPRK announced their first test two years later, it was considered as an act of aggression. Even though the DPRK have never invaded any other country, while countries such as the US who’s constantly invading countries on other continents and still today keep military bases all over the world, or Israel that have been constantly at war with their neighbours since the day the state of Israel was declared, not counting for the genocide Israel has been carrying out against the Palestinians, the indigenous people of Israel.

The DPRK have clearly stated at several occasions that their own nuclear program is only for self-defence purposes, which makes complete sense as half of the Korean peninsula is occupied by the US imperialists. US is the only country that have actually used their nuclear bombs in war, something that other countries haven’t, and the US would not shy away to use them again, such as when Winston Churchill in 1947, urged the US to nuke the Soviet Union or like when the US wanted to nuke Vietnam. With imperialists who’s getting more and more aggressive, states opposed to the imperialists plan for world domination, is being pushed to develop their own nuclear weapons and with previous experiences from Libya and Iraq where, no nuclear weapons were found, it’s even more vial for the DPRK to further develop their own arsenal.