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Why the US condemns the DPRK

Whenever the US condemns anything, and everything, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is doing, it’s not hard to see through the real motives of the US. The US is having the UN condemn and impose sanctions on the DPRK as they claim that the DPRK is violating human rights, without any actual evidence. The US’s own human rights records are very poor and it’s surprising to see how the US have threated some of its allies who have been proved to violate human rights. For example, the US was always a good ally and trade partner of the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. The US together with its allies France and Britain vetoed a UN resolution passed by the UN General Assembly to eject South Africa from the UN due to it’s proven human rights violations. When the Sharpeville Massacre took place on 21 March 1960, when the South African racist police opened fire on a crowd of black protestors who protested against new segration laws and worsened conditions for the black majority, that was imposed on them by the white minority dictatorship. 180 people where wounded and 69 where murdered when the racist police opened fire on the crowd and many where shot in the back while they were running away from the shooting. As the US, France and Britain were allies of the apartheid regime and they were all key trade associates of South Africa, the Axis powers vetoed the resolution that had a majority of the UN General Assembly behind it. If the DPRK would open up its market to the imperialists and let US multinational companies exploit the natural resources of the DPRK, the US imperialists would stop talking about human rights, as they are not interested in it at all.

The DPRK supported and trained different liberation movements of the oppressed people in Africa, while the US always stood by the side of the oppressors in order to exploit Africa. The motive of the DPRK is based on independence for the masses, while the main motive of the US is to spread imperialism and to make profit, no matter how many that will have to suffer due to the foreign policies of the US. That is why the US is a genocidal state by nature and that is why the US have allies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel, just to mention a few, who are also genocidal violators of human rights.