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Why Punish a Law-Abiding State?

The south Korean puppet regime and the US and Japanese imperialists have been threatening the DPRK prior to, and in the aftermath, of the successful satellite launch from the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. The south Korean regime are now suspending the activities in the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Kaesong Industrial Complex is a longstanding symbol for the cooperation between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and south Korea, and the reunification of Korea. South Korea are now suspending the business operations for south Korean companies active in Kaesong, and sanctions are once again on the UN table. This once again shows that the UN is not an actual organisation in accordance to its name, the United Nations, but a governing body that will let the influence of the US imperialists reach wherever they want to reach. According to the Outer Space Treaty that was initiated by the US, Britain and the Soviet Union in 1967, and has been ratified by most states, including the DPRK, gives any country the right to use the outer space for peaceful purposes. Weapon system etc. are not allowed according to the Outer Space Treaty. Even though the satellite launch was abiding to international law and the UN treaty, the DPRK is still punished by the anti-DPRK camp, in particular by the Axis powers – US, Japan and south Korea. This is the double standards by the imperialists. The DPRK are not free to do anything, and the imperialists are not interested in improving the lives of the people of the DPRK nor to normalize the relation with the DPRK, but to attack and undermine the socialist system of the DPRK. The vicious steps taken by the imperialists is not breaking the spirit of the Korean people, but rather unite them even more around the Workers’ Party of Korea and the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un. With the knowledge from last year’s fake testimonies in the UN against the DPRK and that the US have used NGOs to undermine the socialist system of the DPRK, which was 100% politically motivated, that give us a good idea why the attacks on the DPRK are over a peaceful and legal satellite launch.