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US soldiers are Overrepresented When it Comes to Crime

Since the beginning of the US-occupation of south Korea, US soldiers have enjoyed privileges that ordinary south Koreans never had. From the end of World War II in 1945 until 1967, United States had unlimited power over many parts of … Continue reading

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Why South Korea is Fascist

An authoritarian state with its fundations on anti-communism, nationalism and racism, the banning of opposition parties, concentration camps and capitalism etc. would lead most people to think of Nazi Germany. There’s a country like that today though, and it’s South … Continue reading

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South Korea Covered up Mass Abuse, Torture and Killings as late as in the 1980’s

The Associated Press(AP) have written a shocking (yet not surprising) story. During the 1970’s and 1980’s daily torture and public beatings that lead to the death of at least 513 inmates (513 is the numbers that could be found in … Continue reading

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The United States Aims to Provoke a New Korean War!

The United States and its South Korean puppets are right now staging the biggest war exercises ever on the Korean peninsula, with over 315,000 US- and South Korean troops. The United Nations Security Council have recently imposed the harshest sanctions … Continue reading

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