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The United States Aims to Provoke a New Korean War!

The United States and its South Korean puppets are right now staging the biggest war exercises ever on the Korean peninsula, with over 315,000 US- and South Korean troops. The United Nations Security Council have recently imposed the harshest sanctions ever in the history of the UN, against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), after that the DPRK successfully launched a satellite into outer space, all in accordance with the UN’s Outer Space Treaty from 1967. The treaty allows each and every country to use outer space for peaceful purposes in theory, but not in reality, which clearly displays the double standards of the UN, when they decides to punish the DPRK for the satellite launch.

More than 65 years have passed since the US invaded the DPRK, but was forced out from the northern half of the Korean peninsula. The DPRK have always been open to dialogue based on mutual respect, with the US and South Korea. The US have for example always wanted the DPRK to disarm their nuclear arsenal, and the DPRK have always been supporting a peninsula free of nuclear weapons, and the key to that is to sign a peace treaty and replace it with the armastice signed in 1953, but the US have refused to sign a peace treaty, unless the DPRK abolish their own nuclear weapons. You don’t have to look back that far to see how the US have treated countries they haven’t agreed with who haven’t had nuclear weapons, Iraq, Libya, Syria for example. It is literally that easy to resolve the tensions on the Korean peninsula, but the US have shown over and over again that they are not interested in peace on the Korean peninsula, but like in so many other parts of the world where their boots have marched in, all they really want is to spread imperialism through divide and conquer tactics.

The US imperialists will do whatever it takes and they won’t stop at nothing to crush the righteous struggle of all peoples who are struggling for freedom and national independence. The popular wish for the realistic, but still so far away, peaceful reunification of Korea under a federal republic will unfortunetaly never become reality as long as US troops are in south Korea, and the US imperialists upholds the fascist dictatorship. The partition of Ireland under British imperialism will be reality as long as British troops are in the North regardless of what the people of Ireland want. The imperialists will always call themselves democrats, but when do they ever care about the wish of the popular majority? Northern Ireland, like South Korea is an imperialist puppet and the partition of the two countries are only there because of imperialism, and the only thing that prevents a reunification in both cases are the opposition from the imperialists.

As long as the repressive National Security Law in south Korea remains, a law that criminalizes communists and pro-reunification supporters, a debate in south Korea will be practically impossible. It is in the interest of everyone who believe in freedom and democracy to support the national democratic revolution in south Korea.