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South Korea Covered up Mass Abuse, Torture and Killings as late as in the 1980’s

The Associated Press(AP) have written a shocking (yet not surprising) story. During the 1970’s and 1980’s daily torture and public beatings that lead to the death of at least 513 inmates (513 is the numbers that could be found in the Brothers Home archives, but the estimations are higher). The fascist dictator Park Chung Hee wanted to clean up in the streets of Seoul before the Olympics of 1988. The traditional fascist alliance of state and capital cooperating made that reality. Police officers, assisted by shop owners, rounded up panhandlers, small-time street merchants selling gum and trinkets, the disabled, lost or unattended children, and dissidents, including a college student who’d been holding anti-government leaflets.

The Brothers Home had more than 20 factories where they exploited slave labour and other South Korean companies also profited from the slave labourer of the Brothers Home, and produced goods were sold to Europe, United States and Japan. South Korea was one of the United States puppet fascist regimes, and is still to this day. The current government of South Korea is not keen to investigate these gross human violations, but it’s not that strange as the president, Park Geun Hye, is she is the daughter of the very same Park Chung Hee who wanted to cleanse the streets of Seoul about 30 years ago.

This should also shed a light over the so called “defectors” stories from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Even those who have turned out to be lying with their stories, like Shin Dong Hyuk who built his life and career on this, have claimed that there have been such things as public executions, torture, beatings and raping of inmates in forced labour camps. All of those claims about the DPRK is all reality, just that it’s taking place in South Korea. Defectors are known to be working with the South Korean National Intelligence Service, and they are well aware of the Brothers Home and all the atrocities that took place there. When you see how identical the stories about the Brothers Home is with the stories told of defectors, you should start to question them.

Not one single piece of substantial evidence have ever been brought forward in regards of Camp 14, and Shin Dong Hyuk who testified in front of the United Nations, backed down from his story once he realized that he have told different stories to different people and compared to what is written in his book “Escape from Camp 14”. His father also went public, and then he realized that his big lie was exposed.

You can read the original story from the Associated Press here.