Suicide in South Korea

South Korea is the leading country when it comes to suicide among its population and it doesn’t seem to be going down. One may argue for that the high rate is due to the overrepresentation among the elderly. The reason why there is such a high level of suicide among older South Koreans are due to the widespread poverty in the south, with nearly half of the elderly (66-75 years of age) population living below the poverty line. The high suicide rate can be explained by that and the pressure that the capitalist system is having on elderly as there is practically no welfare system in South Korea, so the elderly are left on their own to their own faith unless they have someone else take care of them or can afford assistance. As the tradition of children looking after their parents has disappeared in the 21st century and the South Korean elderly population don’t want to be a financial burden to their children, they often feel that they are left with no option but suicide. As a result, people living in rural areas tend to have a higher suicide rates than their urban dwelling counterparts.

Suicide mostly affect those who’s living in underdeveloped countries and poverty is a common factor. Today South Korea have became the leader within the developed world, and having a global ranking of having the second highest rate all over the world, behind Guyana. Suicide has become the fourth most common cause of death in South Korea with 40 of its citizens committing suicide every day. It has also became the number one cause of death among its citizens between the ages of 10 and 30. There are several reasons to why people would commit suicide and in South Korea it is due to the stress caused by their capitalist society. Men tend to commit suicide twice as often as women due. The main reason why the middle-aged population do it is because of financial problems, caused by more stress in society. The South Korean government’s attacks on the labour movement and the workers rights, and that many working people are working way more than 40 hours per week, still they can’t get their finances to work out is not going to solve the widespread epidemic of suicide, most likely cause an opposite effect.

The mental health of children and young adults in South Korea is heavily affected by the stress of living in a hyper-competitive society and pressure over exam results and to get into college, which is the main cause of suicide among the younger population. Many wants to leave South Korea for another life elsewhere, but not many have the opportunity to do so due to lack of contacts with people outside of South Korea and their poor financial situation.

These are all symptoms caused by capitalism, something that could be resolved and it is something that is eradicated in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. South Korea isn’t a democracy though, so we won’t see any improvements in labour conditions, rather worsened conditions under the regime of Park Geun Hye. South Korea with a GDP per capita that increases every year, still having a widespread poverty. As the rich people of South Korea is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. They have to work more and can’t still earn enough to survive. The abuse of alcohol and cigarettes increase due to stress. When many reaches a new low of their mental health, many don’t see another alternative to get out of the living hell, but to take their own lives. The South Korean society is a cancer.

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