South Korea Exposed in Another Attempt to Abduct DPRK Citizens

Ko Hyon Chol, “defector” from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), were caught barehanded in the DPRK on May 27 when he tried to abduct two girls, eight- and nine-year-old respectively close to the border between the DPRK and south Korea. At a press conference, Ko accused South Korea’s National Intelligence Service of plotting the whole case and the US direct manipulation behind it. Mr. Ko, 53, was born and brought up in the North Pyongan Province. He used to be a worker at a forestry public institution, but later started to engage in smuggling to earn more money. He decided to defect to south Korea rather then to take responsibility for his criminal actions. South Korea is known for accepting criminals from the DPRK, and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) have employed domestic criminals to work for them, including murderers.

Present at the press conference, that was held in the People’s Palace of Culture on July 15, were domestic and foreign journalists, members of foreign embassies, international bodies and overseas compatriots staying in the DPRK. Evidence shown at the press conference includes a flashlight, two rubber boats employed to carry the kidnapped girls, new clothes to be given to the children, mobile phones he used to contact south Korean NIS and a room card of a hotel where he stayed.

He also said that the 12 waitresses who had reportedly defected to South Korea earlier this year were in fact abducted by Seoul agents and the current kidnapping attempt by him was Seoul’s conspiracy to further mislead the public into believing that the DPRK residents fled to the South on scale because of human rights abuses at home.

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