Korean Friendship Association Ireland

Audiobook: Kim Il Sung – “Go all out for Victory in the War”

KFA Ireland are proud to present this audiobook published by Stimmekoreas from 2013, read and performed by KFA Ireland’s very own Jay MacGowan.

Kim Il Sung’s classic speech, “Go all out for Victory in the War”, were broadcasted on the first day of war on June 26, 1950, and the historic radio address of President Kim Il Sung was transmitted on waves all over the world.

“Dear fellow countrymen,

Dear brothers and sisters,

Officers, non-commissioned officers and men of our People´s Army,

Guerrillas operating in the southern half of the Republic,

On behalf of the Government of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, I make this appeal to you:”

In the historic radio address he said the history of mankind shows that a people that defies death and rises in the struggle for freedom and independence is always victorious. He declared that victory of the Korean people is certain and the just struggle of the Korean people will triumph.

The radio address “Go all out for Victory in the War” he made that day roused the entire Korean people to victory in the war, giving them great strength and courage. It was an inspiring banner and fighting program for the Korean people and service personnel of the Korean People´s Army who turned out in the defense of their country against the US imperialists. In hearty response to his radio address, more than 800,000 youth and students went out to the front and the workers conducted wartime campaign for increased production and all-people movement to transport war supplies to the front.