Harsh Criticism of YouTuber Louis Cole for Visiting the DPRK

The successful YouTube video blogger Louis Cole have been to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), where he have uploaded films from his trip. After saying that he wanted to focus on positive things in the DPRK as he’s not a political expert and that there are so much criticism against the DPRK in the media, there’s no point in him focusing on the politics of the DPRK. Even though Louis Cole have made clear that he’s not a supporter of the “the North Korean ideologies” (his poor choice of wording clearly demonstrate that he’s politically illiterate). “I am not an investigative journalist. I don’t really do political commentary and there are other places on the internet you can go to find those kinds of things,” Cole added. Even though he have demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the politics of the DPRK and also admitted that he didn’t go there for a political visit, but to do his thing – vlogging about his travels. He have nonetheless already been attacked and criticized for being paid by the government of the DPRK to make these videos, and has been accused for being “used for North Korean propaganda”. These conspiracy theories made up by rabid anti-communists are nothing new. Every friend of People’s Korea have most likely at some occasions been accused of being a paid agent of the DPRK or the classic of being “used for North Korean propaganda”. The conspiracy theory emerging from the web that Louis Cole was paid and used for propaganda purposes have even been quoted and used by some main stream media, which eventually forced him to publicly deny the allegations. It is absurd to see how one who have no political motivation can’t visit the DPRK without getting showered with criticism. For sad but obvious reasons, anti-DPRK conspiracy theories have it easy to break through and make it into the mainstream media.

When Denis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters went to Pyongyang to do what they do – play basketball – Denis Rodman was also attacked by the establishment for not going with any political intentions, but to play basketball. Other players of Harlem Globetrotters were extorted by their sponsors that if they played the match, their sponsorships would be withdrawn, and it was close that the match never happened because of the politically motivated witch hunt against Harlem Globetrotters.

A Music video is now released on Louis’s YouTube channel, FunForLouis, where his videos from his DPRK trip is also featured. The DPRK are always open to dialogue and to build friendship based on mutual respect with anyone, and it looks like that Louis have realized that.

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