Korean Friendship Association Ireland

16th KFA International Conference Successfully Held in Dublin

The 16th KFA International Conference were successfully held in the Teachers Club in Dublin on November 5. Present there were members of the KFA from Ireland, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the USA.

Comrade Andreas Engström, the Official Delegate of KFA Ireland welcomed people to the meeting. He said that both Ireland and Korea had been divided by imperialism and therefore it was highly significant that this year’s KFA International Meeting were held here in Ireland. 2016 16th anniversary of the foundation of the KFA and also the important “one-hundred anniversary of the Easter Rising – 1916 was the year the Irish people rebelled against British imperialism.”

The speech continues: The Korean people are well aware of the hardships that their Irish brothers-in-arms have endured over the century as they have for a long time been fighting imperialism, long before the DPRK born.
So, until this day, both Ireland and Korea are divided at the hands of imperialism…”

The meeting was presided over by Trever Aritz, the international commissar of the Korean Friendship Association. KFA President comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos was unable to attend the meeting after his passport was retained by the Spanish fascist authorities, who decided that in the last minute he was not allowed to leave the country due to the fake charges fabricated against him. President had his speech read by comrade Trever Aritz, where Alejandro said that the recently established KFA office, KIM IL SUNG-KIM JONG IL library and Pyongyang Cafe in Tarragona, Spain had been a big success and that every KFA branch in the world should have one. A message from Pyongyang from the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries was read out. The message paid high tribute to the struggle of the Korean Friendship Association the only true friends of the DPRK.

Lots of good speeches were made and appreciated by the delegates from all countries. Below is a part of the speech made by the Official Delegate of KFA Poland:

“Dear Comrades and Friends,
I am really glad to see you all here and being able to participate in this important KFA Meeting. First of all, I wish to thank Comrade Andreas from KFA Ireland for organizing the meeting and inviting me.
My name is Lukasz Mrozek and I am an official delegate of the KFA in Poland. I’ve been a delegate of KFA almost four years. Poland is a country that has a long history of cooperation and friendship with the DPRK. Poland, the Soviet Union and China were the first three countries that recognized the DPRK in the international arena. Dear Comrade President Kim Il Sung visited Poland twice during his life.
When the U.S. imperialists provoked a war on the Korean Peninsula, Poland had strongly condemned this barbaric act of aggression and as the fraternal socialist assistance we sent doctors to the DPRK.
The Polish branch of the Korean Friendship Association is making permanent and tireless efforts to promote Polish-Korean friendship and solidarity with the Korean people. We are also showing to Poles the true face of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea…”

Comrade Dr. Dermot Hudson, Official Delegate of KFA UK, held another great speech were he said: “The legacy of the great generals of Mt Paektu is today’s People’s Korea led by dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. During my 3 recent visits in October 2015, April 2016 and September 2016 I saw the reality of Korean style socialism for myself and the great advances that are being made in all fields such as the impressive construction of Ryomyong Street. I was proud to be in the DPRK in September when the nuclear warhead was successfully tested on the 9th of September DPRK National Day and there was the successful test of the road launched ICBM…”

Martin Lotscher KFA Official Delegate for Switzerland and chairman of the Swiss Korea Committee addressed the meeting saying it was very important to mark the keynote anniversaries of the DPRK next year and that preparatory committees had been formed in many countries. The speaker paid high tribute to the work of the KFA saying that KFA is the only true defender of the DPRK.
Ulrich Larsen KFA Official Delegate for Denmark paid high tribute to the Juche idea of the great leaders President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL. Messages were also read out from KFA Arabia, KFA Singapore and KFA Argentina, as they were not able to be present this year.

On Sunday the 6th, KFA members met up for a walking tour of revolutionary sites of the time prior to the Easter Rising and until the Irish Civil War., organised by members of KFA Ireland. The conference was enjoyed by all present KFA members and everyone is looking forward to next year’s meeting that after an unanimous vote were decided to take place in Morocco.

Speech by Andreas Engström, KFA Ireland (left). Trever Aritz (right).


Dr. Dermot Hudson, KFA United Kingdom.
Martin Lotscher, KFA Switzerland.
Ulrich Larsen, KFA Denmark.
Lukasz Mrozek, KFA Poland.
David Munoz, KFA UK Communications Secretary.
Chris Bovet, KFA USA.