Korean Friendship Association Ireland

Éirann- Cóiréis Dlúthpháirtíocht (Irish – Korean Solidarity)

Though there is of course a massive media build up against the DPRK and all Anti-Imperialist (Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc.) or anti-USA/ NATO Imperialist (Russia, China etc.) the DPRK stands of one the last real bastions against imperialism of any kind in the whole world and this need to be bore in mind by any anti-imperialist minded People.

Korea is an excellent example of a People driven to defiance and by the Parasitic Genocidal Imperialist Countries that sadly still plague our World and from whom the DPRK has achieved many Victories against and has helped others to also achieve victories against. They have helped ourselves in Ireland the 1960-90’s northern War, Angola, Vietnam, Cuba the emerging Socialist Country of Venezuela and more. That is to say they have helped so many Countries have simple peace at last!

Éire – Ireland has endured much hardship at the Hands of imperialists, particularly British Imperialists; Genocides, Refugee Crisis’s, near Complete at times Cultural Genocide, Partition, Deep division of our Peoples along Religious Lines , the remaining outright Occupation of the 6 North Eastern Counties in the Province of Ulster and the 26 Counties under neo-colonial Control by US, UK and EU Imperialist Countries.

The Korean People have undertook all these hardships, Yet in the face of Imperialist aggression the Korean people have stood fast in their love of their Countries freedom and more importantly their love of Socialism, the Only way the Oppressed majority of the world can achieve not only freedom of the Country but the freedom of its people to live decent life’s free from Capitalist Exploitation.

Connolly (Communist Leader of the Great 1916 Easter Rising) said that “Those whom speak so highly of Ireland but not her people mean nothing to me”. This shows the difference between Bourgeois and Proletarian Nationalism and struggle and Korea I feel shows exactly what can be done even in of the massive hardship brought to them by the Imperialist Powers to benefit the Working masses of people in an Oppressed Country. Korean has Universal Health care, Education, mass literacy, democracy, Independence and means to defeat said independence. All things most all in the Neo-Colonial world, even here in Ireland can only dream of.

Was it not correct for them to forge their own way against Imperialism? Was it not right for them to develop Satellite & Nuclear Technology (including Nuclear Missiles)? What was the Alternative? Syria which is the middle of Massive Civil war caused by the USA and it lackeys with their creation of ISIS, Massive Refugee Crisis (the worst since WW2 in Europe), Massive destruction of the Country in general and of course all this only to further tighten US Imperialist grip on the Middle East and among he other Anti-Imperialist Countries left? Or Libya where the biggest beacon of Hope for the African Peoples has been would out Again causing a Massive Refugee Crisis, the complete breakdown of the most Social progressive Government in the African Continent and the leader Gadhafi Anally raped with a knife by NATO puppets? The DPRK developed Nuclear Weapons and Satellite Technology in direct opposition to Imperialism and continues to strive for a Future for itself as a Socialist Country, through a massive blockade (not unlike Cuba) brought about by the USA and it’s puppets in the UN, that even stop relief coming for the Countries People as 10s of Thousands dye just because the USA cannot stand an independent and Socialist Country striving for its own destiny.

I hope Éire agus Cóiréis (Ireland and Korean) , especially with there being 100’s of Thousands in The Southern US puppet state protesting the Country literally being semi-ran by a Cult, (let alone how it is also ran semi-directly by the USA and it current president being the child of the US installed dictator) can come closer together and achieve more than has been done in the past and in these darks times its places like the DPRK that are lights of hope for the Oppressed People all over the world and as the old Irish Republican saying goes “Tis not the Strongest, but those that Endure that will Conquer”.