DPRK – Ireland in Cyprus Cup

The Cyprus Cup is on and the women football team of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are of course doing well. DPRK have one of the best women football teams in the world and have constantly been ranked by FIFA as one of the top 10 teams in the world. DPRK’s first match was of the tournament was against Italy where DPRK beat Italy by 3 – 0.
The second match DPRK – Switzerland seemed to be ending in a draw, but Switzerland managed to score 1 – 0 in the 88th minute, and therefore beating DPRK. The third match in group A was won by the DPRK when the women’s team won against Belgium by 4 – 1.


Tomorrow we will see DPRK meeting Ireland competing for the third place in the tournament. It will be the first time an Irish representative football side has faced the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at any level. Anything can of course happen tomorrow, but DPRK are the highest-ranked side (10th) in the tournament, 24 places above Ireland, so most likely we will get to see DPRK beating the Irish team tomorrow on the International Women’s Day.

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