The Ugly Faces of Rapists

The “celebrity defector”, Shin Dong Hyuk, who made a fool out of himself after having the book, “Escape from Camp 14” released and it turned out that he have been lying about his story. Even Western so called experts have also stated that his story is full of inconsistencies, including Blaine Harden, the author of the fictive escape. Now, this is how Shin Dong Hyuk counters critics who don’t approve with rapists: “Obrero Coreano…I know you like in N Korea dictatorship. I Know your friend in N Korea dictator.”


The fact that Shin Dong Hyuk can’t react otherwise, than by claiming that “you like in N Korea dictatorship” etc. clearly shows what kind of person he is, and it even seems like he think that it is ok to rape “North” Koreans, as he don’t even feel the need to denounce his criminal conviction – the real reason why he escaped the DPRK.

Shin Dong Hyuk have friends among the US republicans like George.W.Bush for example, but retweeting Donald “grab her by the pussy” Trump, shouldn’t be surprising. They are both misogynist after all.

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