When I first came across the title of this particular volume, I thought that it was a biography of the French King Louis XIV, but alas no. Instead, “The Sun Tyrant” purported to be a travelogue of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The book centres around the travels of J.P. Floru to the DPRK, where he took part in the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon. From the beginning to the end, the book was full of ceaseless Anti-DPRK propaganda. “The Sun Tyrant” repeats ad nauseam all the usual cliches about the DPRK from the Western Media, without having anything remotely positive to say about Peoples Korea. J.P. Floru’s travelogue suffers from alot of factual errors, for instance, he calls the main river running through the city of Pyongyang, the Pudong, whereas it is actually named the Taedong River. The author is very disparaging about his tour guides and takes a very patronizing view of the Korean people generally.

J.P. Floru associates himself with the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. In fact, Mr Floru is a councillor For the Conservative Party. The Tory MP Jacob Ress-Mogg ( a possible contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party) has written the introduction to JP Floru’s book on his DPRK visit, where he duly denounces the DPRK’s social and political system as being the evilest in the world. This is the same Rees-Mogg who said that Foodbanks in Britain are rather uplifting. Ree-Mogg believes that poverty acts as an incentive for the poor to work on Zero-Hour contracts and without any employment rights. The sentiments expressed against the DPRK by J.P Floru and Jacob Rees-Mogg demonstrate their class hatred of Korean style socialism. What the representatives of the bourgeoisie such as Rees-Mogg and Floru despise so much about the DPRK is the fact that it is a state run for and by the working people of that North-East Asian Country.

The best thing to do with the publication “The Sun Tyrant” is to deposit it into the recycle bin and make better use of the paper from which it is manufactured!

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