US Exposed Using Christian NGO to Spy on the DPRK

One rumour that have been going around for a long time is that one about that there’s no religious freedom in the DPRK and that Christians are constantly prosecuted. The churches in the DPRK are often said to be there just to give the appearance of religious freedom, but of course, that is not the case.

Article 68 of the constitution of the DPRK is guaranteeing religious freedom (Article 68: Citizens have freedom of religious belief. This right is granted through the approval of the construction of religious buildings and the holding of religious ceremonies. Religion must not be used as a pretext for drawing in foreign forces or for harming the State or social order), and now the CIA and Washington have been exposed using a Evangelical Christian NGO in order to carry out spy activities in the DPRK. The group is called Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG) and it was in October that they were exposed to work for the US Department of Defense to “help penetrate the largely isolated and closed-off totalitarian country”. The CEO of HISG, Kay Kizo Hiramine, who’s registered, together with his wife, Julie Hiramine, and their children on an address on 16181 Timber Meadow Drive in Colorado Springs have been praised by the likes of George W. Bush, which shows his true colours. The secret project is dating back until December 2004 and supposedly stopped in 2012, during George W. Bush’s presidency but have as well been going on during Barrack Obama’s presidency.

The US government tasked Hiramine with gathering intelligence inside the DPRK and Hiramine would in turn utilize HISG’s access to the DPRK to carry out the orders and assignments of Pentagon, according to two former military officials who were involved with the project. As CEO of HISG, Hiramine got Christian missionaries, aid workers and Chinese smugglers to move spy equipment, including sensors, small radio beacons and equipment for detecting nuclear activity as well as weapons around the DPRK.

In recent years there are a few US-citizens that have been detained by the authorities in the DPRK, such as Jeffrey Fowle in October 2014 and Sandra Suh was deported in April 2015 but one of the most well known cases would be that of Kenneth Bae who was detained for spying on the DPRK. There are several organizations of Christian missionaries and aid workers active in the DPRK besides the Red Cross/Red Crescent, so why is it so hard to actually believe that the likes of Kenneth Bae were carrying out spy activities? The Wikipedia chapter on HISG has been deleted since its activities was revealed, so we will just have to wait and see how they will reorganize.

Kim Jong Un is no joke, but Yeonmi Park is

Yeonmi Park have initiated another offensive once again against the DPRK. This is her first major public offensive since her big fail when she was exposed as the paid liar she is in December last year. Here is a blog entry from someone who believed in her lies but who later realized that Yeonmi Park’s stories was nothing but lies and fairy tales. The entry is debunking Yeonmi Park’s own lies with her own lies. To The blog entry.

Back at the so called “One Young World Summit” in 2014 in Dublin, Yeonmi Park said that she escaped the DPRK when she was 15 years old. “Yesterday morning’s agenda on Peace and conflict brought us the summits most poignant and powerful moment. In an emotional speech, Yeonmi Park, told us of her life as a North Korean citizen and escaping the Kim regime at 15 years of age.”(link). In a Youtube video published on 13 October 2015, Yeonmi park claims to have been sold and raped in China after she escaped together with her mother at the age of 13 – two years prior to her escape.

There have always been rumours going around about so called defectors and we have seen this year a very similar case, that of an alleged DPRK scientist who defected to Finland with evidence of bio weapons that were tested on “human guinea pigs”. He was reportedly also set to offer his testimony about human experiments allegedly carried out by the central administration of North Korea to the European Parliament. Unlike Yeonmi Park, this defector never existed and was just fabricated to discredit the DPRK. Not much was reported when it turned out that this was nothing but a hoax and no evidence of its veracity were ever presented. The Helsinki Times was one of the few papers who denied the claims, but first a few months after the rumour occured in media (link).

This is not the end for Yeonmi Park, as she have built her life and career on slandering the DPRK, but the way things are going, she will convince more people about the truth about the DPRK which is the opposite of what she’s trying to deliver, mainly due to the inconsistencies in her lies, on behalf of the imperialists.

Statement on the DDOS attack and temporary KFA email

As the whole organisation of the Korean Friendship Association has been affected by a vicious DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack where no one have had the possibility to access the official KFA and DPRK site, which is for the moment replaced by

At this stage everything points to that the attack is initiated by interests within the US government as our European-based email service provider has been forced and pressured by the US to not let us be able to send emails from the official KFA emails to email services from US companies, such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Google Mail(gmail) etc. The DDOS attack and the limitations of our email service has been very simultaneous.

Our temporary email from now on is

The imperialists are talking nice about democracy and freedom of speech, but when it comes to the DPRK and the friends of the only socialist country in the world, the very same rights doesn’t apply to us. That’s something that we have known for a long time and this is not the first time that the imperialists are trying to suppress any movement who they see as a threat, even when they don’t pose any threat to the imperialist´s existence(for example when the liberal Occupy Wall Street was brutally suppressed by police brutality).

The Dear Leader Kim Jong Il said it very well – I am the object of criticism around the world. But I think that since I am being discussed, then I am on the right track.

Whenever the imperialists have tried to crush us and bring us down, we have always walked out stronger.

The fabricated “news” about when Hungary were defeated by the DPRK by 0 – 98!

There have been several reports by different websites that consider themselves as “news” providers since the U20 World Cup game between Hungary and the DPRK on the 1th June in New Zeeland, that the DPRK claimed victory over Hungary with 0 – 98, while Hungary in reality won 1 – 5. The fact is that a video was edited and uploaded to Youtube, claiming that the DPRK news claimed to have beaten Hungary with the unbelievable 0 – 98. Even though it was a hoax, lots of so called “news” sites used it as fact, and as only source to back up their fabricated lies, was a youtube video that anyone could edit within a couple of minutes. Here follows a video, showing how it was made and how an already existing recording from 2013 was edited to make the world believe in that this is what actually was reported in the DPRK.

The spirit of internationalism will forever live with the Eternal President Kim Il Sung

After successfully liberating Korea from the Japanese imperialists, the young President Kim Il Sung, became a hero among the Korean people. President Kim Il Sung and his Anti-Japanese Guerilla Army had been fighting the Japanese imperialists for decades to achieve independence for the Korean people, but still another obstacle was set up for a unified, independent Korea. The US imperialists, responsible for the division of Korea, installed the fascist dictator Syngman Rhee. Syngman Rhee escaped prison in 1904 and fled to the United States. Syngman Rhee only spent two years between 1910 – 1912 during the Japanese occupation, and then returned to the United States again.

While President Kim Il Sung fought the Japanese imperialists, Syngman Rhee was elected president for the Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai. On March 1925, Rhee was impeached as the president of the Provisional Government in Shanghai over allegations of misuse of power and was removed from office. Nevertheless, he continued to claim the position of president by referring to the Hanseong Provisional Government and continued independence activities through the Korean Commission to America and Europe.

Once World War II was over, Syngman Rhee was flown to Tokyo aboard a US military aircraft, then from Tokyo to Seoul aboard General McArthur’s personal airplane. McArthur personally responsible for giving immunity to Japanese war criminals as well as the imperial family. McArthur also confirmed that the abdication of the emperor would not be necessary despite the advice of many members of the imperial family and Japanese intellectuals who publicly called for the abdication of the Emperor and the implementation of a regency.

President Kim Il-Sung with Chairman Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

President Kim Il Sung with Chairman Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

President Kim Il-Sung with President Ho Chi Minh of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

President Kim Il Sung with President Ho Chi Minh of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

President Kim Il-Sung with President Ho Chi Minh of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

President Kim Il Sung with President Ho Chi Minh of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

President Kim Il Sung who was fighting side by side with the Korean people won a landslide victory in the all-Korean election of who would become the first Korean president. Despite the fact that the election were monitored and approved by international observers, the US-backed regime wouldn’t recognize the election. Syngman Rhee did never accept the fact that he was impeached as a president, so his dictatorial regime from 1945 and onwards were just in line with his policies.

President Kim Il Sung understood the importance of the liberation of the oppressed people’s of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

50 years ago, President Kim Il Sung went to Indonesia. President Sukarno brought President Kim Il Sung to the Bogor Botanical Garden. President Kim Il Sung stopped before a particular flower, its stem stretching straight, its leaves spreading fair, giving a cool appearance, and its pink blossoms showing off their elegance and preciousness; he said the plant looked lovely, speaking highly of the success in raising it. Sukarno said that the plant had not yet been named, and that he would name it after Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung declined his offer, but Sukarno insisted earnestly that respected Kim Il Sung was entitled to such a great honour, for he had already performed great exploits for the benefit of mankind.

President Kim Il Sung was always a supporter of the oppressed African-American minority, which is the motive behind why the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and the Workers’ Party of Korea created a close bond of friendship. The Black Panther Party were the closest friend of the DPRK in the United States. Eldridge Cleaver, one of the early leaders of the Black Panther Party, realized that the original Juche idea could not only be applied to Korean conditions, but to any oppressed people’s conditions. Kathleen Cleaver, Eldrigde’s wife, and their then one year old son, Maceo, went to the DPRK in 1970 to give birth to their daughter. They named the newborn girl Joju Younghi Cleaver due to their deep respect for socialist Korea. The Black Panther Party kept on celebrating the President Kim Il Sung and the DPRK in the Black Panther” newspaper. Due to the FBI’s war against the Black Panther Party who they labelled as “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country”, the friendship ended and the revolutionary Black Panther Party was dissolved.

Until his last breath, President Kim Il Sung fought for the peaceful reunification of Korea, but just like his Korea, that always had room for the freedom fighters and the oppressed masses of the world, so did his heart.

There’s no Women’s Liberation Without Socialism

Even though the West is considered by many as the most developed of societies in the world there are still social issues that a majority of the people living in the West have to fight every day for. Growing class divisions, racism and sexism are some of the social issues brought by capitalism – issues that have been solved with socialism.

President Kim Il Sung saw that the emancipation of women was equally important as the emancipation of the Korean people.

The Law on Sex Equality was implemented on July 30, 1946. The Law on Sex Equality emphasized equal rights in all spheres of life like free marriage and divorce, equal rights to inherit property and to share property in case of divorce. It also ended arranged marriages, polygamy, concubinage, the buying and selling of women, prostitution, and the professional entertainer system – many which were laws mainly used to oppress and humiliate the Korean women during the Japanese occupation. Laws to ensure social equality were also introduced in order to not only bring equality for women at home but also in the workplace, like the Labour Law, and the Law on Nationalization of Essential Industries. It’s worth to remember that while the Korean women were granted social justice with the Korean revolution, that their Irish counterpart had to wait another 50 years until the right to free divorce became legal (Divorce were illegal in Ireland before June 17, 1996). A woman in the US could even get fired from her job for being pregnant by as late as 1978 and marital rape wasn’t even recognized as rape until the mid 70’s and not before 1993 it was criminalized by all states in the US.

The main focus of the Workers’ Party of Korea have always been to improve the lives of the Korean people who now enjoy full control of their own lives. President Kim Il Sung made sure that there would be built facilities to facilitate for women, like rest homes for women and maternity hospitals. Under the leadership of Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, nursery schools extended their weeks so they are now open on Saturdays to further facilitate women. The Chollima Movement in the 1950’s were also one successful campaign led by the Workers’ Party of Korea, also focused on women’s policy and socialized household work, which traditionally fell upon the responsibility of women, by further introducing nursery schools, kindergartens, laundries and an even more efficient food industry. With the Chollima Movement, women represented 49% of the workforce by 1964. Between 1963 and 1989, the number of female professionals grew 10.6 times while their male counterpart only grew 2.5 times and women made up 37% of the working professionals by 1989. Women were further encouraged by the Workers’ Party of Korea to follow this positive trend. The social progress of the Chollima Movement did not unsurprisingly increase the productivity of the DPRK as well as the technological, ideological and cultural revolutions of the DPRK. In 1961, a statue of the Chollima was raised on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang to honour the heroism and invincible fighting spirit of the Korean people like the legendary winged Chollima. The Chollima statue is mounted by a male worker who’s holding high the Red Letter of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and a female peasant woman holding a sheaf of rice, representing the Korean people (the Red Letter was an appeal to the workers of the DPRK to increase production in the 50’s).

March 8, International Women’s Day, is celebrated by progressives all over the world, but in this day and age there are only a few countries that have kept it as a national holiday, and of course, the DPRK is one of them. Every year on March 8 there are grand celebrations to commemorate the important part and role that all women have in society.