Three Months Since the Abduction of Twelve DPRK citizens

Twelve workers from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was abducted by south Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) in April of this year, and they are still being kept in solitary confinement in a detention center for defectors from the DPRK. The youngest of the twelve, Kyungah Suh, is confirmed dead from hunger striking, a hunger strike that was a protest with the demand of being released and allowed to leave south Korea. South Korea claims that it is a matter of “mass defection”, but there is no evidence that the south Korean authorities can provide to back up that claim. They were abducted while working in a Korean restaurant in China when the manager along with covert NIS-agents entered the restaurant, advising their staff that they were going to another restaurant. Around twenty staff was employed in the restaurant, and the head waitress, Choe Hye Yong, was told prior to the department by the manager that they were in fact going to south Korea, and not to another restaurant somewhere in Southeast Asia, as they were previously told. By the time Choe Hye Yong found out about it, she only had time to warn a handful of the waitresses as the car was already waiting for them by then to take them to the airport. Worth noting is that the manager had previously been called back to the DPRK as he had stolen 1.2 million Chinese Yuan (€162,000), which was reported by the Chinese owner of the restaurant.

There are several motives from the south Korea side behind this mass abduction. The president of south Korea, Park Geun Hye, who is the current favourite among NIS needed to boast her popularity. After banning the Unified Progressive Party in December 2014 as well as a teachers union who had 77,000 members (among other violations against the people of south Korea), the authoritarian nature of the south Korean regime appeared and it became clear to more and more people that no one is safe from the fascist authorities. The abduction took place a few days prior to the election for the “National Assembly”. Lawyers and social organisations in south Korea are among those that has been denied to meet with the abducted DPRK-citizens. The government of the DPRK have requested to have representatives of the DPRK and the families of the abductees to meet with them in south Korea, but that request was also denied by the south Korean authorities.

This is not the first time that south Korea have abducted DPRK-citizens, and they will most likely do it again in order to fulfill their political agenda. Other governments have been involved in abductions of foreign citizens (example: Turkey, Israel, United States, among other imperialists and neocolonial states), but they would usually do it under the pretext of “War on Terror” etc. What makes south Korea unique is that they are not even interested in making up a fake story, but they are just kidnapping foreign citizens at the convenience of their own political goals. This is a gross violation of the human rights that is clearly stated in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. South Korean authorities haven’t provided any answers to the public, but there are a lot of questions. The waitresses have now been held against their will for three months, without any contact with the outside world. One of them is confirmed dead, and the south Korean authorities denies anybody the knowledge of their situation and health.

According to some reports, the United Nations are preparing an investigation into this case and will send representatives from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to Pyongyang to interview family members of the abductees by the end of this month.

All members of the Korean Friendship Association are concerned for the twelve abductees, especially their well-being since Kyungah Suh died by the hands of the south Korean authorities. We stand in solidarity with the government of the DPRK and their efforts to rescue the twelve. Their families are going through the hardest possible time though. You can just imagine what it would be like to have your child or someone close to you kidnapped, and you don’t have any knowledge of their situation: if they are dead or alive or if you will even see them again.

Why South Korea is Fascist

An authoritarian state with its fundations on anti-communism, nationalism and racism, the banning of opposition parties, concentration camps and capitalism etc. would lead most people to think of Nazi Germany. There’s a country like that today though, and it’s South Korea.

There are those who argues that South Korea is now a liberal democracy and is not considered to be an authoritarian state. It is true that they have presidential elections, but they are not that free and what many seems to have forgot is that South Korea is a fascist dictatorship. If you look at the facts of what fascism is -an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Giovanni Gentile, who was named Minister of Public Education in 1923 under the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini wrote in the book The Doctrine of Fascism that “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”. If you look at the economic structure of South Korea, you can clearly see that it’s Corporatist.

Since the division of Korea and with the rise of the South Korean US-puppet regime, Koreans who colaborated with Imperial Japan during World War II as well and fascists and Korean styled Nazis have had high positions within the new South Korean state. The first fascist president of South Korea, Syngman Rhee appointed the Nazi, Lee Bum Suk, to serve as prime minister. Lee was a former general of the Chinese Nationalist Army and founder of the most powerful Nazi organisation in South Korea, the Racial Youth Corps. The first Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea (and third prime minister) Chang Taek Sang who was educated in the UK, was also an extreme rightist, infamous for his anti-communism. The Minister of Education, Ahn Ho Sang, a one-time professor in a university in Nazi Germany where very influenced by the Nazis. His first task was to organize a “Student’s National Guard”, to root out leftists and to “investigate the thought trends of students”. To successfully build a fascist dictatorship, Syngman Rhee handpicked loyal fascists and Nazis to work closely with him. His hate towards communists led to the massacre on Jeju island, where up to 30,000 political opponents, 20% of the population of Jeju, was indiscriminately slaughtered by the South Korean army and under the supervision of the United States. In September 2014, the Northwest Youth League, a paramilitary group notorious for its massacre of thousands on the island of Jeju between 1947 and 54 under the authoritarian regime of Syngman Rhee, announced its re-launch in front of the Seoul City Hall.

Up until the start of the Korean War in the summer of 1950, South Korea sent guerilla units over the border to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, carrying out vicious attacks against its neighbour. Syngman Rhee believed that he could claim the DPRK and build Lebensraum, with the assistance of the US-imperialists. From the start of the war, South Korea and the US were eager to start killing of any opposition to Syngman Rhee, where several hundred thousands civilians were murdered, both in South Korea, but also later in the occupied areas of the DPRK.

One of the most fundemental parts of South Korean fascism is the National Security Law that is still being used to stop politicial opposition. Hundreds of people in South Korea are in prison right now due to the National Security Law. The Unified Progressive Party that were represented in the South Korean parliament and was the third biggest party in South Korea were banned in December 2014 and members of the party were sent to prison, accused of being communists and “pro-North”.

As it has been revealed that the South Korean government wanted the streets of Seoul cleansed of “undesirables” for the Olympics of 1988 and that shopkeepers together with the police cleansed the streets of street merchants, handicapped, poor children and student activists among others, it also shows us evidence that South Korea was not only any authoritarian state, but fascist. These people were sent to the Brothers Home that operated over 20 factories where they were used as slave labour. Other private enterprises also took part in the exploitation of the slave labour. In Nazi Germany, “undesirables” were also sent to concentration camps, not on as the same scale, but under very similar conditions to perform as slave labourers to generate revenue for the capitalists.

The Federation of Korean Industries (a South Korean consortium of conglomerate), and the Korean National Police Veterans Association have been funding pro-government demonstrations and been giving large sums of money to people to attend these. Both the Federation of Korean Industrie and the Korean National Police Veterans Association, are very much the personification of capitalist and state. The conservative Korean Parent Federation have also been paying north Korean “defectors” to attend protests against the Sewol ferry that sunk in April 2014, where 304 people died. Many of the families of the victims of the Sewol disaster and a a big part of the South Korean society have expressed that they want a thorough investigation, as this is a disaster that most likely could have been avoided. As this have been putting pressure on the government, the capitalists and the state are now mobilizing the extreme right that is mostly made up of angry young men who want vengeance but will not go after the rich and powerful. They do not have the courage. Just like fascists in Europe who would instead find an easy target to pick on such as muslims, immigrants and homosexuals, in South Korea, they are attacking the weakest, the most marginal, the most vulnerable. Women. Dark-skinned foreigners. DPR Koreans. Chinese Koreans. And now Sewol disaster victims and their families. Just like in Europe, they organise online and spread their hateful propaganda, but what makes them more powerful than many militant fascist organisations in Europe is that they are well-funded and backed by the capitalists and the state. It is when the state and corporations mobilise the extreme right to protect the interest of the bourgeoisie and attack those that may become a threat to their power, that is when fascists can come to power. It was when the bourgeoisie rallied up behind the Nazis in Germany as they didn’t want to loose their power that the Nazis became the absolute power, even though they only were a minority party. Since the fundation of the South Korean state, it has been based on fascism as a continuation of pre-1945 Japan.

Ethnic prejudice is encouraged throughout the South Korean educational system, and according to a poll from 2009, 47% of South Korean children were uncertain or negative on the subject of whether they could make friends with a “biracial” child. Minorities have always been subjected to racism in South Korea and it was first in 2011 that South Korea took any official action against racism due to international response. Despite the obvious nature of racism, discrimination in South Korea is not just limited to racism and xenophobia against foreigners. Among South Koreans themselves, sexism, nepotism, and ageism are also very prevalent, with preferential treatment being given to people who are male, related, and older in age. South Koreans who didn’t have “pure blood” and was fully ethnic Koreans were not allowed to serve in the military until 2011, and up until then South Korean soldiers swore allegiance to the “Korean race” in their oaths of enlistment.

As global capitalism have reached its highest stage, which is imperialism, it is going to be a rational reaction for the imperialists to support the political forces that they that they can rely on, and who will safeguard their power and influence. The US bourgeoisie is no more different than the bourgeoisie that backed up the Nazi party in Germany or the fascist party in Italy during the first half of the 20th century. The bourgeoisie backed these extreme right forces as they knew a communist revolution were imminent, and to protect their power and influence, they backed the groups they knew would protect them best. There is a reason to why there’s such a strong Nazi movement today in the former Soviet Union. As DPRK is a socialist country where the people have the absolute power on the expense of capitalism, the most logical choice for the US would be to install a fascist puppet, as they knew that a leader like Syngman Rhee would be uncompromising, not only with communists in south Korea, trade unionists etc. but also with DPRK.

A Summary of Recent US Crimes Against the DPRK

The so called United Nations are imposing new sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power, were proud and eager to announce the punitive sanctions, which does not only aim to cripple the DPRK, but to isolate the DPRK and try to scare and pressure the trading partners of the DPRK. The sanctions are claimed to be aimed against the Korean People’s Army and anything that may be used by the KPA, not limited to arms, but for example anything from car tires that may be used for military vehicles, civilian clothes that may be worn by soldiers or food that may be eaten by soldiers, will arbitrary be subject to sanctions. Previously we have seen that the sanctions directed against the so called “elite” in the DPRK were applied arbitrary. It resulted in that NGO’s that operated orphanages or food production facilities were subject to sanctions. It doesn’t matter how many times Samantha Power, or any other imperialist messenger, will say that the sanctions will only affect the armed forces or the government of the DPRK as that is not their purpose. Their purpose is to divide and conquer.

The US and its South Korean puppets have announced the biggest ever(so far) anti-DPRK war simulation, operation Foal Eagle and Key Resolve, on the Korean peninsula. The South Korean Defense Minister announced on February 18th that 15,000 US troops will take part in the simulated invasion where air, sea and ground components will be used.

The case with the US student, Otto Frederick Warmbier, who’s detained in the DPRK since December 2015, when he attempted to take a political slogan which inspired people’s love for the DPRK from a staff-only area at Yanggakdo International Hotel, where he stayed during his tour in Pyongyang, where he was sent on behalf of the Friendship United Methodist Church. The Friendship United Methodist Church offered him and his struggling family a generous donation for stealing a symbolical “trophy” from the DPRK. The Friendship United Methodist Church along with their allies in the CIA and a secret university society(the Z society) for elite students. Previously when US-citizens have entered the DPRK posing as tourists but in reality to commit crimes, they have at many occasions been pardoned by the DPRK on humanitarian grounds, while the US haven’t made any greater efforts to have their own citizens released, even though these people have been manipulated by the imperialists to commit crimes they were thought were justified.

The Friendship United Methodist Church is a far right organisation, and this is not the first time that the far right is attempting to steal political symbols. Back in December 2009, a man with neo-Nazi ties ordered a job to steal the “Arbeit Macht Frei”-sign from the extermination camp of Auschwitz. The sign with the “Arbeit Macht Frei”-slogan were also from Dachau, the first concentration camp, in November 2014. The far right are often affiliated with anti-DPRK groups. The leaders of the far right don’t mind to sacrifice their pawns for their own opportunistic needs, but it doesn’t take that much to make them realize that they have been used and brainwashed by someone who is just using them for their own purposes. Unfortunately this won’t be the last time that the imperialists will send brainwashed students to the DPRK with promises of wealth.

This is just a summary of some of the hostilities the US are responsible to in Korea. The imperialists won’t stop until they are defeated.

Public KFA-Meeting Successfully Held in Dublin

The Korean Friendship Association in Ireland held a successful meeting on Saturday 20th of February in Dublin, for the anniversary of the Day of the Shining Star that was on the 16th of February. The meeting started just after 14.30 and lasted until 17.00. The meeting was opened and introduced by Andreas Engström, Official Delegate of KFA Ireland. Guest speaker Dermot Hudson, Official Delegate of the KFA United Kingdom, were talking about his last visit to the DPRK back on November 2015, for the 70th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Dermot explained how the DPRK had no traces of capitalism, nor it’s side effects, like drug addicts, alcoholics, nor homeless people living in the streets – sightings common in the capitalist world.

The meeting concluded with some Q&As, and a congratulatory letter was adopted to Marshal Kim Jong Un for the successfully carried out hydrogen bomb test and the peaceful satellite launch.

Why Punish a Law-Abiding State?

The south Korean puppet regime and the US and Japanese imperialists have been threatening the DPRK prior to, and in the aftermath, of the successful satellite launch from the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. The south Korean regime are now suspending the activities in the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Kaesong Industrial Complex is a longstanding symbol for the cooperation between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and south Korea, and the reunification of Korea. South Korea are now suspending the business operations for south Korean companies active in Kaesong, and sanctions are once again on the UN table. This once again shows that the UN is not an actual organisation in accordance to its name, the United Nations, but a governing body that will let the influence of the US imperialists reach wherever they want to reach. According to the Outer Space Treaty that was initiated by the US, Britain and the Soviet Union in 1967, and has been ratified by most states, including the DPRK, gives any country the right to use the outer space for peaceful purposes. Weapon system etc. are not allowed according to the Outer Space Treaty. Even though the satellite launch was abiding to international law and the UN treaty, the DPRK is still punished by the anti-DPRK camp, in particular by the Axis powers – US, Japan and south Korea. This is the double standards by the imperialists. The DPRK are not free to do anything, and the imperialists are not interested in improving the lives of the people of the DPRK nor to normalize the relation with the DPRK, but to attack and undermine the socialist system of the DPRK. The vicious steps taken by the imperialists is not breaking the spirit of the Korean people, but rather unite them even more around the Workers’ Party of Korea and the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un. With the knowledge from last year’s fake testimonies in the UN against the DPRK and that the US have used NGOs to undermine the socialist system of the DPRK, which was 100% politically motivated, that give us a good idea why the attacks on the DPRK are over a peaceful and legal satellite launch.