KFA Ireland National Meeting Successfully Held in Belfast

On Saturday August 18th at 14:00, Korean Friendship Association in Ireland, successfully held its National Meeting for 2018. Activists of KFA Ireland met in Belfast for the occasion of the National Liberation Day from the Japanese imperialist, and to get together. Present were activists from different parts of Ireland, both from the North as well as the Republic.
The meeting was considered productive by its participants, where future activities with KFA Ireland was planned, and ideas discussed. The meeting concluded at 17:00 and was followed by social activities.



When I first came across the title of this particular volume, I thought that it was a biography of the French King Louis XIV, but alas no. Instead, “The Sun Tyrant” purported to be a travelogue of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The book centres around the travels of J.P. Floru to the DPRK, where he took part in the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon. From the beginning to the end, the book was full of ceaseless Anti-DPRK propaganda. “The Sun Tyrant” repeats ad nauseam all the usual cliches about the DPRK from the Western Media, without having anything remotely positive to say about Peoples Korea. J.P. Floru’s travelogue suffers from alot of factual errors, for instance, he calls the main river running through the city of Pyongyang, the Pudong, whereas it is actually named the Taedong River. The author is very disparaging about his tour guides and takes a very patronizing view of the Korean people generally.

J.P. Floru associates himself with the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. In fact, Mr Floru is a councillor For the Conservative Party. The Tory MP Jacob Ress-Mogg ( a possible contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party) has written the introduction to JP Floru’s book on his DPRK visit, where he duly denounces the DPRK’s social and political system as being the evilest in the world. This is the same Rees-Mogg who said that Foodbanks in Britain are rather uplifting. Ree-Mogg believes that poverty acts as an incentive for the poor to work on Zero-Hour contracts and without any employment rights. The sentiments expressed against the DPRK by J.P Floru and Jacob Rees-Mogg demonstrate their class hatred of Korean style socialism. What the representatives of the bourgeoisie such as Rees-Mogg and Floru despise so much about the DPRK is the fact that it is a state run for and by the working people of that North-East Asian Country.

The best thing to do with the publication “The Sun Tyrant” is to deposit it into the recycle bin and make better use of the paper from which it is manufactured!

WPK Delegate Meets Venezuelan President

Pyongyang, August 3 (KCNA) — Ri Sung Gil, DPRK ambassador to Venezuela, who attended the Fourth Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela as a delegate of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), met with Nicolas Maduro Moros, president of Venezuela and chairman of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

The delegate conveyed the greetings from Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, to Nicolas Maduro Moros, chairman of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Nicolas Maduro Moros expressed deep thanks for it and asked the delegate to convey his heartfelt warm greetings to Chairman of the WPK Kim Jong Un who sent a WPK delegate to congratulate the congress. -0-


The Sinister Truth Behind the Abduction of the 12 Waitresses Revealed

The 12 Waitresses that were abducted by the National Intelligence Service(NIS) of south Korea in April 2016, are still being held in south Korea against their free will. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) have demanded their return to their families in Pyongyang, but the south Korean authorities have claimed that it was a matter of defection. The DPRK have always claimed that this was an operation orchestrated by the NIS. The truth can no longer be covered up, no matter how much the criminal authorities of the puppet regime is trying. Tomás Ojea Quintana(Argentina), the United Nations special rapporteur, said Tuesday at a news conference in Seoul, the South’s capital, that some of the women who defected had confirmed part of that version of events in interviews with him. The abduction took place under the corrupt rule of Park Geun Hye, whom was later impeached and sentenced to two consecutive sentences of a total of 32 years behind bars for abuse of power and corruption. During her rule, trade unionists were sentenced to long prison sentences, trade unions were banned and also the third largest party in south Korea, the Unified Progressive Party, was banned.

The neo-liberal policies and authoritarian rule of Park Geun Hye, was popular among the big corporations, but not among the Korean people in the south. She was impeached in 2017, after a popular rising. The abduction took place about a year prior to her impeachment. It is now confirmed that it was indeed an operation carried out by the NIS, and Park Geun Hye executed the order. In an interview in May of 2018 with the south Korean news channel JTBC, the women’s manager, Heo Kang Il, said he had conspired with NIS officers to bring the women to the south. Heo Kang Il was a part of the traitorous group of Jang Song Thaek who conspired to “opening up” the DPRK (aka the restoration of capitalism). He told the waitresses they were being transferred to another restaurant in Southeast Asia from their then current location, Ningbo, China. He also said: “It was luring and kidnapping, and I know because I took the lead”. Neither Tomás Ojea Quintana nor JTBC have been able to interview all of the 12 abductees. Mr. Heo said he decided to speak out because after he defected, Park was impeached and the NIS never gave him the rewards it had promised. He said he also realized, after arriving in the South, that the timing of the group’s defection was moved up more than a month to help rally conservative votes in parliamentary elections.
“They had me believe that this was a big patriotic operation,” he said. “But they used me and then shot me in the back.”

While the UN investigation backs up the line of the DPRK which contradicts the south Korean officials, who still claim that it was a case of defection, facts remains- south Korean authorities have committed serious crimes and gross human rights violations. While inter-Korean progress are being made since Moon Jae In took office as president of south Korea, and family reunions is being a hot topic, it goes without saying that no new abductions can take place and these recent crimes of the Park Geun Hye regime can not be covered up for by the new administration of Moon Jae In.

Even do south Korean president, Moon Jae In, moves towards reunification is applauded by all progressive forces on the Korean peninsula, the crimes of Park Geun Hye must never be forgotten. The common practice of capitalist countries of pardoning rich and influential criminals so they can go unpunished for their crimes, will never be tolerated. Park and her henchmen must be punished for their crimes against the Korean people!