Even Professional Liars will be Exposed

Lies are among one of the most common weapons in the imperialist warfare against the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). There are several paid agents who’s main purpose is to slander the DPRK. Among the most famous of these liars are Yeon Mi Park and of course Shin Dong Hyuk. The two of them gets to travel the world and Yeon Mi Park was in Dublin in 2014 for the One Young World summit where she performed a well-played theatre and crying in order to catch the emotions of the audience so they would understand what horrible place the DPRK really is. Right now she is just living of the fame and is famous for “standing up” against Marshal Kim Jong Un – while residing in South Korea. Besides being some kind of a TV celebrity in South Korea she is also studying law in university and travel the world often to slander the DPRK.

It is hard to tell if Yeon Mi Park was actually born in the DPRK herself as it is highly likely, and suspicions points to, that she have had a plastic surgery, so the available pictures that is claimed to be taken in the DPRK when she was a child can’t be verified at all besides by her own words. Yeon Mi Park (Not Park Yeon Mi, as her name would be in Korean, as the surname is before the first name in Korean, what makes Yeon Mi Park so special you might ask..) have an older sister who left the DPRK for China in according to her official story, without notifying the rest of the family. Still compared to the testimony of the celebrity “defector” Shin Dong Hyuk, the rest of the family didn’t get punished for having a family member escaping or three generations of the family and relatives punished. The “three generations punishment” is something that happens to Koreans who have a relative who escapes the DPRK apparently, where all relatives to the person who escapes, will go to labor camp for the rest of their lives. Unless Yeon Mi Park fails incredibly in her act to slander the DPRK like the child-rapist Shin Dong Hyuk recently did, we won’t get any more evidence of her false testimony. Even though she is most likely not even born in the DPRK, we can do nothing but to stick to our common sense. Like Shin Dong Hyuk, her financers remains unknown for her world slander tour.

Shin Dong Hyuk have always been a dodgy character. When he went to the United Nations to testify against the DPRK he did only talk about the unimaginable cruelties he had to endure in his 23 years in “Camp 14” – the place where he claims that he was born and would never leave before he made it to South Korea, but he also had drawings of events from “Camp 14”, and we all know that you can’t make a drawing based on something made up in your mind, right? Blaine Harden, the journalist who wrote the book Escape From Camp 14 (2012), which is based on the testimony of Shin Dong Hyuk, found out as late as last week that Shin Dong Hyuk has been providing different information to different people, like that he was tortured really bad when he was 13 years old, while he later changed it to that he was actually tortured when he was 20 years old – 7 years later then what he claimed a few years ago. The other mayor change in his story is that of the execution he witnessed of his mother and brother in Camp 14 did not take place in Camp 14, but in Camp 18.

This is a picture used by Shin Dong Hyuk to convince the United Nations that human rights violations are practiced in the DPRK.

This is one of the pictures used by Shin Dong Hyuk to convince the United Nations that human rights violations are practiced in the DPRK.

That gives us even more questions, like for example that he was born in Camp 14 and never left the camp – according to Shin Dong Hyuk nobody in his camp left, they were there until the day they died. He claims that the reason to his mothers and brothers execution was that he reported their planned escape to the guards, whereby Shin and his father were tortured for eight months before his mother was executed by hanging and his brother by firing squad. The unanswered questions here are those that of the two camps, that the execution actually happened in Camp 18, a different camp then Camp 14, still he have always claimed that he never left Camp 14, but with these facts he must at least have been in two different camps as he actually knew about the plans of his mothers and brothers escape and he also witnessed their execution.

Even due to his poor living standards, bad food and hard work and he had never been outside of the camp and he claims that he didn’t knew anything outside of the camp, he could still manage to escape this horrible place that nobody else before him escaped. Even while his friend that he escaped with got stuck in the electric fence and died he could still manage to dodge the guards and make it the long way to South Korea through different countries. Shin Dong Hyuk’s story is full of inconsistencies and is not believable, unless he’s a time traveler or simply a professional liar.

On Shin Dong Hyuk’s official Facebook page he wrote “Every one of us have stories, or things we’d like to hide. We all have something in the past that we never want brought to light. I too, forever wanted to conceal and hide part of my past.We tell ourselves that it’s okay to not reveal every little detail, and that it might not matter if certain parts aren’t clarified.

Nevertheless this particular past of mine that I so badly wanted to cover up can no longer be hidden, nor do I want it to be.”

If he really wanted to hide parts of his past, why did he write a book about it or for that matter spend his life to this cause? He also writes “To those who have supported me,trusted me and believed in me all this time, I am so very grateful and at the same time so very sorry to each and every single one of you.

At this point I may or may not be able to continue in my work and efforts in trying to eliminate the political prison camps and bring justice to the oppressed- the same goes for my entire fight altogether against the North Korean regime.”

This is most likely the end of Shin Dong Hyuk’s career and Escape From Camp 14 may now be relocated from the biography shelves of the bookshops to where the fiction is.

Scumbag Shin Finally Exposed!

As it was already mentioned in the report of the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies that was released on September the 13th 2014, the main source of manipulations and falsifications with regards to the issue of human rights in the DPRK are the so-called “testimonies” of the so-called “defectors” who in reality are the most vicious enemies of the DPRK. Among these so-called “defectors” is some guy called Shin Dong-hyuk, who is the most active participant in the “human rights” conspiracy campaign of the enemy forces against the DPRK.

Scumbag Shin In Geun in London

Scumbag Shin In Geun in London

His real name is Shin In Geun, he was born on the 19th of November 1980 in Soksan village, Pukchan-ri, South Pyongyang province. After his “escape” into South Korea he changed his name and his biography in order to become the henchman of US and South Korea intelligence services.  After his birth he went to primary and secondary schools, and since 1997 started working in a mining company in Soksan village, but in South Korea he has changed his biography, because he did not want people to know the truth about his past, his family connections and his own crimes committed already before his “escape”. And, following the scripts written by the South Korean intelligence services, he began his activities with a false life story.

For instance, he changed his date of birth from 1980 to 1982 and his father’s date of birth – from 1944 to 1946. His declarations about the so-called “concentration camps” are completely false. His father, Shin Gyong Sop, was convicted in 1975 for theft of state property to a punishment in a labour rehabilitation camp. Long before that, in January 1972, he had married Chang Hye Gyong. So, the so-called “testimonies” of Shin Dong Hyuk that his parents allegedly were “allowed to get married in a camp as a reward” and that he was born there in 1982, are also complete fabrications. His words that it was he who informed the prison guard about escape plans of his mother and brother, in a hope that the guard would set him free, and his words “that’s the reason my mother and brother were executed” are also a complete lie, and such circumstances are even impossible to imagine in our country. His mother and brother were executed in 1996, not for any “escape attempts”, but for premeditated murder with grave consequences.

In June 2001, Shin Dong Hyuk himself subjected to rape a 13-year old girl called Lee Eun Ha in the village of Bonchan, and in 2002 he was arrested by Chinese border guards for illegal border crossing. Thereafter, he was transferred back to our law enforcement agencies, but instead of showing genuine regret and trying to redeem his crime, he again made an illegal border-crossing and ran over to the South.

This traitor dared not even mention the serious crimes of his parents and their ancestors (father of his mother was a pro-Japanese element before the liberation of Korea, and his grandfather and parents were executed for anti-state crimes), and with the script provided to him by the South Korean intelligence services he fabricated materials about some alleged “camps for political prisoners”. So, in reality, he is just a parasite that ekes out a miserable existence as a mouthpiece of the South Korean intelligence

He also claimed that he was imprisoned in a labor camp because of his uncle, who allegedly lives in South Korea, but this is also a complete fabrication.

As you can see, all the “materials” coming from the mouth of Shin Dong Hyuk are just a product of a South Korean intelligence services’ conspiracy against the DPRK, from the beginning to the end. original text: Anglo-Peoples Korea/Songun