DPRK on Palestine

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have always been supporting the Palestinian people’s right to self determination and the Palestinians people’s rightful struggle against Zionism. President Kim Il Sung had a close relationship with Yasser Arafat and the support for the Palestinian struggle was always supported by the DPRK by providing arms and aid. After the Cold War the material support declined, but the DPRK have always condemned Israeli attacks and the DPRK is still today supporting the Palestinians people’s struggle for national liberation. The DPRK was there to recognize the State of Palestine when it was proclaimed by the Palestine Liberation Organization.


What many so called socialists, communists and anti-imperialists tend to forget is that the struggle against Zionism in Palestine and the Korean people’s struggle against imperialism is one and the same. If we decide not to support one oppressed people’s struggle against an oppressor and we let the imperialist oppressor wins, then we have failed the other oppressed people and helped their oppressor. The DPRK, Cuba, Syria, and Iran for example are countries that always have supported the Palestinians people’s struggle but if we let these countries fall, then the Palestinians people’s struggle will turn out even harder then what it is today if they won’t have material nor political support by some.

Not only have Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il supported the righteous struggle of the Palestinian people, but Kim Jong Il also had a Palestinian foster daughter, Jindallae Safarini. Below is an interview from the DPRK with Jandallae about her fundation, the Jandallae Fund, which aims to help children in her second homeland – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“More than 27 years ago my parents lost a child, after the loss of a child they could not be pregnant, and could not have children, they went to so many places but could not find a cure, so they came to Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, where they gave all their love and care to my Mother. That’s how she conceived a child. After having me, my parents were so happy and it was the system of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, the system of our Great Leader Kim Il Sung and Dear Leader Kim Jong Il that gave us this miracle.” – Jandallae Safarini

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