How the Butcher was Brought to the Table: Understanding Recent Socialist Korean and Yankee Relations

I doubt that anybody that not living under a rock, you will of course of heard of the political talks between the USA and DPRK. These negotiations come on the back of the talks between DPRK and south Korea about the possibility of ending the 65-year war that was on the back of the USA partitioning the country to stop an independent and more importantly socialist government coming out of the just won Anti-Imperialist/ Japanese war in World War 2. Some concessions were sorted in theory as assuming the genocidal, corrupt and more importantly lying US Government and all these things being increased at least arguably by the Trump, personally I would say it’s just more obvious to the world at large & people in Imperialist countries themselves.

These talks are an event of global importance no doubt and will be covered in more depth by KFA Éire soon in depth as the dust settles and more information comes out on what exactly has been agreed and then of course then see IF the US Imperialists actually carry out their word, like the English they have a bit of a habit of not…

Why is it important? Take a moment to think about the rest of the world that has seen the horrors of US and others imperialism… Syria is in ruins after the US funding all sorts of terrorists group, even ones they claim to be against, the Palestinian nation & people is being murdered on masses constantly Via Zionist/ Fascist colonialism that wouldn’t be possible from the start without the USA, the socialist nation of Cuba and Venezuelan people fighting for a socialist republic are constantly undermined at every single turn that the strive for the liberation from imperialist capital colonialism and even ourselves in Éire as the USA undermining our sovereignty, neutrality, stealing our resources, people (via economically Mass Emigration), using our Island nation as a tax haven and militarily base for their corrupt corporations and of course helping the UK, EU among others in their economic domination on-going partition, sectarian/ ethnic division and every social ill only worsening.

Now I won’t go back too long (Almost 3 years) as that would make things needlessly complicated but, going back a few years. The DPRKorean or the “North Korean” government as the global rich and their hanger’s on, launched a satellite into space, against everything that the capitalist system put in front of them, much like Cuba everything besides outright war (for now anyway), they had managed to put a satellite that enabled them to be able to predict the weather better, of course they would have far more if the USA would lift the sanctions that make it difficult to bring in food. This was a massive event in of itself as an oppressed but socialist country was able to develop on its own accord. A big feat when almost the rest of the world including ourselves can only develop as much as capital, by far foreign capital’s greed need us to.

This happened as in the context of the DPRK going through a period of development, massive public investment in all public services, like transport (where no worker live mores than 3km’s from their workplace, Healthcare (already, the envy of other imperialised nations), Education (a right through university) and of course the government generally trying to improve the lives of the people, ya may of course noticed that more ya see more Koreans’ with mobile phones and smart and internet access.

Going forward somewhat, to last winter the Koreans’ from both Korean states were able to create a united Olympic team, without the USA starting it and all they could do was sorta complain that the Korea’s were sorting things out among themselves. This again was a big deal as the Korean’s had did this all on their own and this was important especially as the South Korean government is very much a US colony and it didn’t obey the USA as they have almost always done. Not least they Korea’s could bring an end to a war that the USA started by invading and partitioning the Korean nation 65 years ago this year and generally building more all-Korean co-operation. This is happening as the South Koreans grow more and more fed up with the status quo of capitalism, Partition, US occupation, lack of jobs and generally every social worsening in the state with the highest suicide rate in the world!

This lead to the USA having to come to the DPRK and trying to not look weak to the world and be shown up by those “damn colonials”. The meeting itself only lasted 5 hours and the USA promised to relax some of the sanctions and not to invade the DPRK if the Korean’s promise not to build anymore nukes (against some on the Imperialist left that think the DPRK are both not socialist and yet sold out with this agreement (at the same time!)). It’s hard to say if the USA will live up to these agreements, the DPRK at least has with it though at least the DPRK Government and ár Chomrad/ Our Comrade Kim Jong Un has out maneuvered the butcher’s and forced them to the table and the butcher will have to check himself!

Beir Bua agus Éire agus Chóiré go brach!

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