Who Hacked Sony?

With the recent sanctions implemented by the U.S. Imperialists against the DPRK, it is worth to highlight the case from 2014 where Sony Pictures got hacked, supposedly in relation to the release of the distasteful movie “The Interview”, featuring the the Zionists Seth Rogen and James Franco. The FBI and the U.S. are still until this day claiming that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) masterminded the hacking operation against Sony Pictures – a fact that have been disputed by IT security experts, as well as sources within the U.S. government. The hackers went under the name “Guardians of Peace”.

The whole affair that took place in 2014, under Obama’s regime, is now continuing under Trump’s fascist rule.
U.S. Department of Treasury have implemented sanctions as late as September 6, 2018, against DPRK citizens as well as DPRK-based companies. the Obama regime accused the DPRK as a country who couldn’t take criticism, without any evidence whatsoever. Even though the movie itself was ridiculing Marshal Kim Jong Un and portrays the assassination of a current world leader, the DPRK did nothing in retaliation to Sony Pictures but were nonetheless punished for it by more sanctions. Nothing never pointed to the DPRK. It was actually only after a few people started speculating in the media that the hacking and the communication from DPRK “might be linked” that suddenly it became linked.

The only lead pointing to the DPRK was the FBI and their McCarthyism actually. Not the FBI, or the White House has publicly provided solid evidence that the DPRK was behind the attack. All evidence points toward that Sony was taken on by its own people. Kurt Stammberger is a senior vice president at Norse, a firm that provides intelligence and protection strategies for clients with vulnerable networks. He and his team spend their time both watching internet attacks as they happen, and sifting through stores of data collected in the wake of a breach.
After Stammberger’s team investigated the leaked data they, they came up with another conclusion: that Sony wasn’t attack from the other side of the world, but was raided by someone on the inside. Or, formerly on the inside: Stammberger says his team thinks they’ve identified the as-of-yet-unidentified Guardians of Peace: “a relatively ad-hoc, small group of individuals that is probably comprised of some ex-employees of Sony and some other people that did not work at Sony.” Already back in 2014, Norse shared their findings with the FBI, and is still today the best evidence the FBI got on the case. In the findings, Norse have managed to identify the brain behind the hacking operation – presumably a woman going by the alias “Lena”. Lena was working for Sony for a decade in a key technical position. Even if she’d departed the company months before the attack, she would have remained “very well placed to know which servers to target,” and “where all the sensitive information in Sony was stored.”


A group of former Sony employees and some outsiders joined forces to seek revenge on the leeching corporation. The “outsiders” motivation was that Sony Pictures had instigated lawsuits against them for sharing movies from Sony. As late as of August 2018, a group of major record labels, including Sony, filed a piracy liability lawsuit against the U.S. Internet Service Provider Cox Communications. The complaint lists included over 10,000 musical works, and a maximum of $150,000 per work it. Sony didn’t stop there, but have also been chasing people who are accused of sharing Sony-licensed materials online.

Lena on the other hand was a victim of Sony’s greed. Lena was one of several hundreds of employees who lost their job in Sony’s layoff of 2014. Sony is the world’s second-biggest consumer electronics maker. In the global capitalist crisis of 2008, Sony’s stock went down, but have since been steady recovering. Sony have been initiated several layoffs to make the company more market efficient, and have since 2014 left several thousands of people out of work, both abroad and in Sony’s home country of Japan.

What the capitalists at Sony didn’t expect was that people that they had deprived of their living would strike back, where it hurts Sony the most. It is of course not in the interest of the corporation to go public with the truth. For sure no person in its right mind would suspect DPRK to hack Sony over a movie. There are so called “news” corporations that are owned by Rupert Murdoch, that would deserve it much more. Compared to a movie, the conservative warmongers with Fox News would by that logic be an easy target. The U.S. imperialists and the Sony capitalists know that the DPRK didn’t orchestrate any hacker attacks, but it’s in their interest to blame the DPRK, in order to try to cripple the progress of the DPRK.

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